When Prepping Means Life or Death

It has been a busy time with work and I have not had the time to write about my going ons.

My wife and I started watching The Walking Dead on AMC last season when it came out. I was surprised since she is not a big “zombie movie” fan. The Walking Dead though is not a normal zombie show though so I am happy that we have continued to watch them. We are a bit behind due to work and stuff, so even though the season has ended, we are still watching.

So this weekend, we watched a few episodes and the show showed me something that has been in my mind when thinking of prepping. Basically, the show follows a group of people as they fight to survive and rebuild some semblance of a normal life in a world overrun with zombies. I am still waiting for a show to show me a zombie that falls apart due to decomposition, but not what excited me about the episode.

Rick is what I would consider a main character. He is the do good sheriff who woke up from a coma to find walkers on the loose. He met friends and lost some along the way, but he reconnected with his wife and son who fled because they thought we was dead so now they are working on being a happy family. Getting to the point now, Rick along with two others were in an abandoned town when two living people stumbled in. They started talking and the two new characters asked questions and when they realized Rick’s group were staying on a farm, they wanted to go back to the farm and replenish supplies.

Here is the danger that preppers will face in the future if something major happens. There will be those survivors who did not prepare ahead of time and will be moving from place to place scavenging what they can in order to perpetuate their life. When you are faced with the situation of having to share your supplies with others or risking death by resisting, which choice will you make?

Maybe the question is really which choice can you make?

I am not sure how someone knows for sure until they have to make that choice, but can you kill someone to protect what you have from others?

I have seen a course offered call Steel Mind. I think that was the name of it, but I will go back and check. Anyways, the design of the course is to train you to block out emotional responses to highly stressed situations in order to perform in a regular and predictable way. You see this with military training, but more specifically in special ops training. These classes are designed to train the person to react no matter what their body tells them to do. When faced with a situation such as being attacked, a person will face a normal fight or flight response area and if you move to flee without considering what you are doing, you could very easily wind up dead.

So while you think about what you would do when you have to face your survival options when taking a life is at stake, try and image what it would really be like after it happened and how you would try to justify your actions if the need arose. Reality is not like the movies unfortunately and for most people, the memory of killing someone is not left behind when the next episode starts.

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