What is Homeland Security Getting Ready For?

Why don’t more people stop and ask why does Homeland Security need these things?  I can see the need for a SWAT vehicle for certain missions, but these are mammoth.  We hear more grumblings about the militarization of America.  How it is turning into a police state and soon the military will be deployed within the borders to help keep peace.  I think this is one of the Golan vehicles.  I will attach a video of one of those in use as well.

I was reading a comment from someone comparing the naming structures in history.  During the Nazi reign, Germany was referred to as the “Father Land”.  In communist Russia we heard it called the “Mother Land”.  Here is the U.S., we have the “Homeland”.  Interesting view on what has developed out of an attempt to unite the people and law enforcement agencies in the awake of terrorism on our country.

I am not sure if these stories are true or not, but I sure wish I could afford one of these for my Bug Out Vehicle.

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