Voter Fraud Shows Need for Voter ID Laws

Eric Holder Ballot Trickery Proves Ease of Voting Fraud
By Mark Whittington | Yahoo! Contributor Network – 18 hrs ago

COMMENTARY | Attorney General Eric Holder has famously denied that there is a widespread voter fraud problem. He’s even gone so far as to use the Voting Rights Act to block a Texas voter ID law, using the claim that it would affect Hispanics disproportionately, according to the American Spectator.

Brietbart reports that an operative of James O’Keffe’s “Project Veritas” has provided proof of voter fraud that not even Holder will be able to deny. Caught on tape, the young man in question entered a Washington D.C. polling place, identified himself as Eric Holder, giving the Attorney General’s address, and was promptly given a ballot. The young man suggested that he show his ID, in compliance with D.C. law, but the poll worker replies that it is not necessary. The young man tells the poll worker that he will leave to get the ID, saying that he will be back, “Faster than you can say furious.”

It should be noted that the O’Keefe operative is white and Holder is African American.

Voter Fraud is actually very easy to pull off in the United States, as O’Keefe has previously proved in New Hampshire. It strikes at the very heart of American democracy, diluting the votes of actual voters by allowing phony voters to stuff the ballot box.

Various forms of voter fraud have been around likely since the dawn on American democracy. One of the most famous cases took place in 1948, when Lyndon Johnson stole a Senate primary from former Texas Governor Coke Stevenson by manufacturing votes from people who were either occupying cemeteries or who never actually existed, as related in the New York Times. The case was later dwarfed by the suspected theft of the 1960 election by the Kennedy/Johnson ticket.

As John Fund points out in the National Review, the Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of voter ID laws, most recently in a 6-to-3 decision in an opinion authored by liberal Justice John Paul Stevens. By 3-to-1 margins, Americans of all ethnic backgrounds support tougher voter ID laws.

Will Holder’s Justice Department continue to ignore what is clearly in front of their faces? Very likely. The suspicion therefore arises whether the Obama administration considers rampant voter fraud to be a feature rather than a bug in the current American political system.

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