Upcoming Changes

I am in the process of moving this blog to a private site, so there will most likely be changes coming in the near future.  With the recent attitude against people who want to be prepared and protect themselves as well as the censorship that has been occurring on social media networks like Facebook, I want to move to a platform that will not be disrupted by changing political pressure and liberal opinions.

I think most of the people who find this site can agree with me that the times are changing.  When I started this, I was just finding out about prepping and the haze of society was clearing and I could see that the world was not working like it should.  I am not getting prepared to try and repel either the police or military forces, but I am preparing to safeguard my family against the result of a failed society.  When the economy goes down again, and it will, I will not worry about how to feed my family.  I will not worry about how to keep people from threatening my family’s survival because I am preparing now.

I am not worried because I am prepared.  You should not worry unless you are not prepared.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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