Ultimate Zombie Weapon

Not sure how many of you know who Max Brooks is, but he is known to many as the author of the famed The Zombie Survival Guide and more recently World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. World War Z is being made into a movie that is scheduled to be released in 2013 and will be starring Brad Pitt. Another odd tid bit about the production of the movie is that while filming in Budapest, the SWAT team there seized several automatic weapons, that were loaded with live ammo, from the film set.

Anyways, as a way to promote his book and new film, Mr. Brooks teamed up with Red Jacket to make the Ultimate Zombie Weapon. You almost need a booming voice when you say that, so if you reread it, imagine that I am saying it with a loud booming voice while I typed it so you can get the full effect of what we are talking about.

Red Jacket is the store that is featured in the series Sons of Guns. They make some good weapons, but I think most are overpriced, but I also think that of many gun manufactures so maybe I am just being cheap. So, Max Brooks and the guys from Red Jacket teamed up to make the weapon that would best serve a person in the case of a zombie apocalypse. I have not seen the episode yet, but from the article on Guns and Ammo, the discussion was what weapon would be best suited in the real world.

The factors they took into consideration was accuracy and versatility, but the availability of ammo played a large part. Does one need a tactical gun or a practical gun. Can someone find a combination of both. I find it interesting that the gun they decided to build was a .22 caliber. You can watch the video below, but the guys customized a Ruger 10/22 with new trigger, barrel and stock to produce a cool looking rifle that is suitable to kill a zombie, since all you need is a bullet to the head, yet practical in that it will allow you to hunt small game for food.

It looks pretty cool and I might try to build something similar to this. There are many replacement stocks for the 10/22, so you can come out with a cool looking rifle that serves a purpose.

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