Truth about Violence

I wrote a bit ago about how the U.K. had banned Tim Larkin from entering the country and training people on self defense techniques, partly because the techniques that he teaches are so effective yet over the top for “society”.  What I mean by that is that Larkin’s program teaches the truth about violence and how to maximize your chance to survive a violent attack and that training does not fit in line with what “society” sees as acceptable.  The problem with that is that “society” is not the one being attacked, raped, murdered at the time.  You are.

There is a lot of good techniques in the programs that he teaches, but with all of his teachings, he makes sure that you know the truth about violence.

The real world is not like movies or video games.  Violent encounters rarely happen where two people trade punches and the one who can handle the most pain or has the most enter strength wins.  It sounds nice and appeals to our inner desire for fairness and hopefully the good guy winning out, but that is not how violent acts really occur.

Here is the truth about violence that you need to know.  One person is committing the violent act and the other person is receiving the violent damage.  This is true of all violent acts.  One person is hurting another person.  Now let’s carry that thought forward into violent fights.  The person who is committing the violent act is not going to stop for the other person to get their fair shot in.  The violent person will continue to commit acts of violence against the other person until their need is satisfied.  That need is that the person who has had the violence committed against them is disabled or dead.

Not a friendly thought, but this is the truth of the world that we need to be prepared for.  No one rational person wants to go out and just harm someone.  There has to be a motivation behind the act.  Typically this is to either get something or to defend against something / someone.  If you ever find yourself in a place where the potential for violence against you is high, in your mind you must be ready to be the person who is committing the violent acts.  You do not want to punch and hope they will go away.  You need to disable the person and that occurs with a disabling injury.

People need to understand what it takes to defend them in the real world.  Real fights do not follow the proper forms that are taught in some martial arts classes.  Real fights do not take into consideration rules and ethics.  Real fights are about winning and causing the most damage to the other person.

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