Top 10 Barter Items

I found this video of what one prepper thinks will be good barter items if something drastic happens to the economy.  I agree with some to some degree, with the exception of hording seeds, gold and silver, but I appreciate him stepping out and sharing his ideas which is what more of us need to do.

Id say Some Stuff that wont go bad over time 1 Salt…but can add spices, pepper. 2 Silver, Junk silver(pre 1965 coins) Gold 1/10 OZ 3 Ammo 4 Spare guns.. Even cheap shotguns 5 SEEDS (Heirloom) 6 Alcohol ( drinking and Med use) 7 Matches, Lighters, Candles 8 Medical Supplies( Band aids and aspirin )ect 9 Home canning equipment (Jars, Lids) ect 10 Toiletries( from Toiliet paper, Fem products, Soap, Toothcare ) ect

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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