The Fall of America

The NatGeo show Doomsday Preppers is bringing more awareness to the prepping effort than word of mouth alone has. I think part of it is in part of people simply watching and making fun of preppers. Some of the people see the truth behind what we are doing. Others simply would rather live in denial. It is much easier to have less stress when you avoid the problems that are around you.

Every prepper featured gives out the basis of their doomsday scenario. The big ones we see are financial collapse, EMP or solar flare, random terrorist attacks. I think, for the most part, most of the scenarios are right.

Last year, the IMF announced that China would pass the U.S. as the largest economy. If you follow market news, I do since I work in financial markets, you might have noticed that several of the large banks, have been given permission to begin trading the Yuan. This is big news as the currency has always been kept under the control of China alone and not opened up to outside investors. Why is big news? It signals the shift of the world away from the Dollar as the world standard to the Yuan.

What does this mean to you? It means that your dollar will be worth less than it is worth now. Inflation will increase and your purchasing power will be diminished. You will see a growing distance between those who are rich and those who are poor. The middle class will all but begin to disappear and you will see the U.S. start to look more like some of these third world countries that surround us.

The economy will be depressed more so than what we have seen and those who are in debt and have not prepared will see themselves homeless and begin or stealing food and water. People will not have the money for medical treatment and you will see crime increase.

This will not be the end of the U.S however. No, the major banks that were saved by the U.S. government are now in bed with china trying to secure their continuation by supporting the Yuan. The U.S. will continue to be used for food sources and tourism. Chinese people are moving over in droves as there is not enough room for all of the people in China. The American people will see a role reversal as we fight for the few jobs that will be left to try and serve those with money. Great news right?

Solar flares are ever increasing, so that threat will not go away. The problem with that threat is it threatens the world and not just the U.S. An EMP attack however, seems somewhat more likely. We have seen that Islamic fundamentalist want to destroy our way of life, which has made people lazy and gluttons. We thrive off giving into to our every whim and that is a slap in the face of Islam. They will have to try and end it or be corrupted by it like everyone else. With the amount of nuclear warheads that are up for sale, how long will it be before someone detonates one and the EMP blast removes technology? What about China’s unstable friend North Korea? China can no longer control this nation and they are moving closer to having long range missiles with nuclear weapons.

So we know it will happen, but you have the opportunity now to start and prepare so your friends and family will not have to struggle as much. Notice the words “as much” as few will be saved.

Prepare now. Pay off as much debt as you can and move to a cash based system. If you have little to no debt, you will not have to struggle to keep what you have. You need to save food and water now. You need to learn survival skills that have been bred out of by our civilized world’s way of doing things. How many people can get their own food today, without the benefit of a store or hand out?

There are steps that can be taken to help reduce the effects, but do not kid yourself that you will not be affected.

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