The Coming Loss of Your Second Amendment Rights

The other day, I was reading a survey about Millennials.  Millennials are sometimes known a Generation Y.  These are kids who were born between 1977 and 1998.

Why are these people important?

Good question.  These people are the ones who got Obama elected to the White House.  These people are the ones who are leading the charge for social justice and these people are going to be the ones who will eventually vote to have our 2nd amendment right stripped or taken away in order to protect the greater good.

I am not saying these people are bad or anything, but as Baby Boomers age and die, this generation will be the generation with the most people and will ultimately dictate the direction politics takes.

What does this mean to you?

Do not count on always having the ability to protect yourself with a gun.  In fact, do not count on always being able to protect yourself.  In England, you are likely to be sued for standing up to criminals and that will most likely be what the United States is like in the next 10 years.  You will slowly see elements put into place that will limit and eventually strip away the second amendment.

Times are changing and you need to be ahead of the curve or they will over take you.

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