The Coming American Civil War

I just finished listening to a video about the Coming American Civil War and wanted to put my two cents into the conversation.

First of all, I honestly do not think that we will have a civil war anytime soon. I am not sure why so many preppers / tea party people want this to happen, but for some reason I think it gives them some sort of purpose and reason to do what they are doing. I am sure they are good people, but the prospect of a civil war is so far down on the list of things that will happen to this country, that it detracts from issues that are going on.

Civil War

I know that the country is somewhat divide now over the politics and actions that the US has been taking, but this divide is not strong enough to launch us into a civil war. I get that people are upset with what the country is doing and the perceived threats to our civil rights. I agree that it is wrong and we need to fight against those actions, but not to the point where I will rise up against the government. If the law is passed and guns are banned, then I will not be hold up in my house trying to shoot anyone who comes for them. I am not alone in this.

The simple fact is that most of the issues we are facing today are not worth dying for. Look how violent the country got over the issue of civil rights. As important as that issue was and still is, there was no civil war. During the depression, there was no civil war. During the gas shortage and recession of the late 1970’s, there was no civil war. We have had some violent protests in the past, and those have typically revolved around racial issues, they have not come close to a civil war.

The main reason, I believe, is that people are not willing to die for a cause.

Economic Collapse

Now I fully expect the US and world economy to collapse in the next 5 years. We can see the hand writing on the wall as small countries are slowly being forced into a bankrupt situation with larger countries coming to bail them out. This can only happen for so long before the bigger countries can no longer afford to rescue those who failed to manage their finances. Germany is going to run out of money. This will be true of Russia and China as well and we already know that the US is broke. As soon as these larger countries cannot bail out the smaller ones, one or more of them will begin to fall.

Ask yourself how much longer China will be able to sustain the debt of the United States. Think honestly about it, because as soon as it happens you will see the dollar collapse in value and inflation will sky rocket. We already have warnings that the Fed is going to slow down on how many bonds they buy every month. As low as interest rates are, no one else is going to be willing to buy them which will leave a gap in the amount of money available. When there is not enough money available, bills will stop being paid and services will stop. I know that economies are different than the financial workings of a person or a company, but the principal is the same. When the country no longer has any money and cannot borrow any more, then the country can no longer artificially support the economy by paying its citizens to either perform government activities or to sit at home and collect unemployment.

With a major economic collapse, will there be civil war?

Government Functions

The government will still work to make sure they spend their money to keep law and order. People will go hungry and you will see a break down in the “civilized” nature in which people live as people will focus more on themselves, but no civil war. You face a greater problem of some desperate neighbor robbing you than the government coming for you. You can see how the number of robberies has increased with the prolonged recession we have been in. A depression will be so much worse.

So continue to prepare, but take some time and think about what you are preparing for. If you are going to spend all of your money to buy guns and ammo for an event that will most likely not happen and if it does happen will get you killed, then best wishes.

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