Stop and See the Warning Signs to Prepare

I get a ton of emails on a daily basis. I think I spend more time deleting the emails then reading the ones that I am actually interested in. A growing trend in the emails that I get has to deal with preparedness.

I could understand if it was an email from one of the prepper groups I read or spam from political groups I have subscribed to, but these are coming from places that I would not expect. I got three this morning, all from Christian newsletters that have never said anything before about being prepared. I have two theories on why the change.

The first theory is that it is the beginning of the storm season. Tornados are already here and destroying lives and hurricanes will be following shortly. In Texas last year, we had to deal with horrible droughts and wild fires everywhere. It makes sense to the logical person that we have seen harsh weather last year and this year does not appear to be that different. It is prudent then, to actually prepare our families for issues, for as we have seen in the past, FEMA struggles to meet the needs of the people. Even FEMA is telling people that they need to be prepared. If this is not a warning, I do not know what will make people actually take this stuff seriously.

The second theory is a bit more spiritual in nature. The fact that so many people from vastly different walks of life are making a concerted effort to become prepared, to me, signals that there might be a spiritual nature to this movement. How many times do we say that if we had of known before hand that something was going to happen, we would have been more prepared. This could be that sign that we are looking for, but people are choosing not to acknowledge it.

Now I do not think that something will happen that will transform the world to look like one of those post apocalyptic movies. I do not think there will be hordes of zombies trying to eat my flesh, but I do perceive a time of civil unrest that will shake our society. I do not want to be seen as one of the right wing whack jobs, but with the message I am trying to spread of the need to prepare, it is hard not to pick that title up since I am saying I do not trust in the government to take care of me. The fun part of that thought is that the government is telling us that they can not take care of us either.

Take an honest look at the world and see if you do not see the signs as well. The warning is out there, but you have to choose to listen.

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