SOG Flash II Tanto Review

I had been looking at updating my everyday carry (EDC) knife for awhile and I finally decided on the SOG Flash II Tanto knife to be my new EDC knife.

Now a lot of thought went into the decision making process as a good knife isn’t really cheap and there is no point in buying random knives hoping that one will fulfill the intended purpose.

One of the key features I was looking for was that I wanted a tanto blade.  Now the tanto blade is superior to the conventional blade when it comes to puncturing or piercing things.  For this reason, the tanto is considered the superior tactical blade.  Now while I wanted my EDC knife to be able to function in a tactical role if needed, I was not planning on using the knife in a tactical role that often.

The blade on the SOG Flash II is a straight blade. This means there is not any contour in the shape as you see on many of the conventional blades.  The straight blade makes it easier to sharpen the knife, but it can limit you in some cutting activities until you get used to using it on a regular basis.  You really need to get used to using your EDC regardless of blade type as you are expecting it to perform for you when needed.

The SOG Flash II comes with the SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) feature which allows the user to open the blade of the knife with their thumb instead of having to stop and open the knife with the whole hand or a combination of two hands.  My EDC knife needs to be used as quickly and easily as possible.

The knife folds up nicely and has a very low profile when carried in the front pocket.  Most people I encounter are surprised that I have a knife so easily available.  Not that I whip it out on a regular basis, but when I or someone around needs a knife, it is there and available in a flash.

SOG is known for making quality blades so that did play a part in my decision making.  the SOG Flash II comes with a limit warranty, but using the knife I doubt I will every have to use that feature.  The knife normally retails for $87.00, but I was able to purchase it directly from SOG on Amazon for less than $47.00.  With that big of a savings, I was hooked on this knife.

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