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High-quality FAL/AR hybrid brings added reliability and TOP-NOTCH BALLISTICS!

Officers need .308-caliber weapons like the LAR-8 to defeat barriers and go the extra distance. Shown with a Weaver Tactical 1-5×24mm scope in a YHM mount.

Having had the opportunity to test many rifles in the AR platform, it is nice to see something a bit different. The Rock River Arms LAR-8 is just different enough to pique my interest. It maintains the overall AR ergonomics while using the FAL magazine pattern. This provides for some differences that are pretty interesting.

In my experience at least, .308 rifles in the AR platform tend to be more individualistic than the 5.56mm versions. Impingement rifles generally work pretty well. Seldom has an impingement .308 failed to work in my hands. Although the


accuracy varies, they generally work with barrels measuring 16 inches or longer. Piston guns in this caliber seem to be a bit more hit and miss, with the exception of short-barreled rifles. The piston guns tend to work much more reliably with the 13-inch barrel for which so many military units are clamoring. Given their cost, however, they tend to be less than the norm. The most popular setup is a 16- to 20-inch barrel with a direct gas impingement system. The longer barrels are well suited to the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), while the 16-inch barrel is perfect for a patrol rifle.

The LAR-8 features an ambidextrous magazine release as well as bolt release, located at the bottom rear of the mag well.

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