Preppers vs. Fear Based Marketers

One of the things that I enjoy most about the prepping community is the willingness to share information and help others on their journey to help and provide safeguards for their family if something goes wrong.  When I talk prepper, I am usually referring to those people who foresee a need to be prepared for the unexpected.  Whether it comes from a natural or man-made disaster, preppers know and understand that you need to take a personal responsibility in ensuring the welfare of their family.

While I enjoy watching “Doomsday Preppers” and similar shows, there is a movement from within the community that amps up the fear level in some people and then turns around and exploits them.  Ads saying “protect your family now or they will die” litter my email accounts.  “We have the only way to save your family from disaster” reads another one.  I get ads from which will be more than happy to sell you a guide for $47.  Adds that will sell you 3 years’ worth of freeze dried food for $7,000. 

People are starting to realize the urgency in needing to prepare for the immediate future.  Some of us our coming to this way of thinking later than others, but there is a wealth of information available to be able to make the needed choices to better assure your families welfare in the coming years.  That being said, why do people keep looking for the easy way out and spend too much on these fear based tactics?

My goal is to share everything that I learn for free through this blog and via comments on the blogs of others.  Why would I want to profit off of the possible demise of others? 

I am in the process of writing a guide of the prepping steps and tactics that I have learned and collected over the years.  There is a ton of information out there from various sources, but it all needs to be pulled together in one easy to read and understand format so that anyone who wants to, can follow it and be that much further ahead.  Hopefully I can put it up as a free e-book soon and then do some sort of self-printing through Amazon to cover the cost of the guide.

As preppers, we need to be spreading the information to help those who want to be helped instead of trying to get rich off of them.  Greed is one reason that society is in the mess that it has become.  We do not need to be part of the problem while trying to offer the solution.

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