Obama’s KONY 2012 Campaign: “Propaganda on Parade” 5/5

I just recently started watching these videos by Alex Jones, so I am not sure exactly where he stands so I am not really a nut job yet. :)

I do not fully buy into all of his positions or those of others who follow conspiracy theories, but there is a lot that the government does not tell the public. I was talking to a guy who works for the FBI and there are a number of serious terrorist attacks that have been stopped on U.S. soil.

What I am saying, is there might be some fact in what they are saying but we are not able to completely trust any media news source.

One of the callers to this show claims to be in the military and stationed over seas and says that close to half of his group will not follow the president’s orders if they deem them illegal. What will happen to our military and country if the military starts refusing to serve and follow orders.

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