Newtown Parents Urge Enforcement of Existing Laws

Even though it does not involve seizing any gun that might appear fancy, some of the Newtown parents spoke today about the need to enforce the existing laws instead of pushing for additional laws.

Mark Mattioli, whose 6-year-old son James was killed at Sandy Hook, got a standing ovation when he said there are plenty of gun laws but they’re not properly enforced. He urged lawmakers to address the culture of violence.

“It’s a simple concept. We need civility across our nation,” he said. “What we’re seeing are symptoms of a bigger problem. This is a symptom. The problem is not gun laws. The problem is a lack of civility.”

I feel like gun owners need to exercise better judgment on how their guns are stored when not in use, like using trigger locks, but the country needs to look at what is causing the violence and hostility in the country and not just focus on the tools they employ in their acts of hatred.

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