Newspaper Targets Retired Law Enforcement and Abused Women

Recently, the political view of a newspaper have led them to put the lives of New York families at risk solely for the purpose of persecuting those who on guns.

The Journal-News decided it was in the best interest of the populace for them to put out an interactive map that showed not only who owned guns in Westchester and Rockland counties but also where they lived.  Unfortunately, the people on this map are legal gun owners and not the type of people who would go shoot up a school when they stopped taking their medication.  These people consist of citizens who legally applied for the right to have a gun.  This group contains women who were battered and received the right to own a gun for protection as well as retired law enforcement officials.  Both groups have now had their privacy violated because this newspaper wanted to persecute the evil gun owners in the state of New York.

Law enforcement officials have said this was foolish as it now gives the locations where guns can be found to those who are trying to illegally acquire them.  Not only have gun seeking criminals been empowered in their search, but also anyone who might want to harm a retired cop or their family or maybe the angry spouse would like to find the battered wife who left to stay alive. 

The media has gone too far to villainize those people who own guns.  Why do we target people who are following the law?  Why not publish the names and addresses of people who have beaten or raped a woman?  Why are we not targeting those people who have a criminal record for breaking and entering?  Why is it ok to target law abiding citizens?

This will not stop as the liberal media will continue to push for a society that is unable to fend for themselves.  People are not equal to them until they are all dependent upon the governmental system that has publicly said that they cannot protect them.  Of course this is the same group of people who hire private security because they do not feel safe in the world they are trying to create.  If you own a gun, you need to fight for the protection of your constitutional rights.

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