New York’s Hypocrisy in the Gun Control Debate

I think most of us know how New York feels about gun control.  New York was the first to try and combat gun related violence by rushing the toughest gun control measures into law shortly after the tragic school shootings in Connecticut. 

Most people agree with New York in their desire to eliminate the pointless and tragic violence that seems to be terrorizing people in the US.  No one wants to see a child die, but it appears that New York is sending mixed messages about how dangerous guns really are.

“We spend a lot of money in the state bringing movie production here, post-production here, so obviously we would want to facilitate that,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who wants to expand the film and TV tax credit.

He said movies and TV may use fake guns that wouldn’t be subject to the new law but the industry wants “certainty.” The revised law would allow them to use real weapons without real ammunition.

“There’s no reason not to make a change like that to give an industry comfort, especially when it’s an industry we want to do business in the state,” the governor said.

You see, New York feels that it is criminally wrong to own a gun in the state, but it is perfectly acceptable for the state to make money off Hollywood using guns in their movies.  Gun violence is bad, but watching shows that depict gun violence is good if the state of New York made some money from the industry.

The New York Times reported:

Mr. Cuomo said Wednesday that while he and lawmakers did not want assault weapons on New York’s streets, they did not intend to ban their use on film shoots, and that concerns had been raised that the new measure could put a damper on the state’s growing film and television industry

How can people not see the hypocrisy in New York’s stance on gun control?  How can the people in New York who passed the “toughest gun control laws” not see the hypocrisy in their stance on gun control?

We know that violent games and movies that depict illegal and reckless gun use desensitizes people to the violence that illegal use of guns cause.  We know that kids who watch violent movies are more likely to commit violent crimes than those kids who do not.  With this basic knowledge, how can someone say it is wrong to own a gun but not wrong to watch movies where guns are used in the manner that the state banned guns?

Apparently, guns are bad for the health and safety of children unless the state of New York earns money showing them to children.

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