My Mosin Nagant Purchase

The other day, I decided to purchase a Mosin Nagant to add to my collection of guns.  I don’t talk about what I have that often, especially with certain aspects of the government looking to control what people are able to own.  I am making an exception for the Mosin as it is not one of the guns that will be banned anything soon.

This gun is a model 91-30 which came about later in the history of the Mosin, but it is still a fairly old gun.  It is a bolt action rifle that holds five 7.62x54R rounds.  This is about equal to a .308 round and the ammo is fairly available in the US which is nice.


From the picture you can see this is not the most glamorous of weapons, but for $140, it is a really good deal.  It will make a good hunting rifle as is, but I am thinking of getting a stock from ATI and making it look a bit more modern.  It is a synthetic stock that looks similar to the image below.  With the addition of a scope, I should be set for anything that I need it for.  With the rising price of firearms, this is a good gun to acquire without breaking the bank.



Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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