More KONY 2012 and the New World Order

I was reading more about the KONY 2012 issue, trying to find where the congress was told that the President had all of the authority over war via the NATO and UN, when I started seeing that the people in Uganda were against the KONY 2012 documentary.

This surprised me since I was under the impression, due to media coverage, that the people in Uganda were against Kony since he was killing families and making the children fight for him. This might be true and I am not arguing that it is not true, what gets me is that if it is true, why would the people of Uganda be against standing up to this man and what he represents. Does it not make you wonder what is going on?

I am thinking about making Fridays, conspiracy day. I only really started listening to some of this stuff as a way to prod my brother-in-law on since he holds some of this as the gospel truth. Some of it makes sense and some of it is down right scary. Regardless, it could be entertaining for all to see. Besides, there is more than enough out there to keep me busy. Here is another one from Alex Jones which talks about Congress being told that they could not stop the President from committing troops to illegal wars.

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