Mexican Immigrants are Saying No to the U.S

Before you say good riddance or something else, you should be asking yourself why. Why are Mexican immigrants choosing to go back to Mexico, where people are kidnapped and killed due to drug business, instead of trying to stay in the U.S. and make the American dream their own?

Do not fool yourself and think it is our tight immigration controls that deter people from hiring them. Many businesses are dependent upon the cheap labor that they provide in order to get the job done and still make a profit. Illegal immigrants are not taking jobs away from citizens. The citizens in the U.S. are too proud and often too lazy to do the amount of work required for the amount of pay that is being offered. The U.S. has gotten fat and lazy on the work of others and now those others have discovered that it is better for them to leave the U.S.

Americans need to pop their little heads up and ask what do these people know that the citizens do not know? I think that the immigrants know that there is a shift in the U.S. and they do not want to be here when the shit hits the fan. Preppers know this and are telling others, but we are equated to Chicken Little. “Oh, the sky is falling huh?”

Don’t come crying to me when the economy tanks. I warned you to start getting prepared. Stop living in debt and only consume what you can afford. Stop wanting what everyone else has and be thankful for what you do have, as if you are not prepared, you will lose it.

These primped and polished little people who want to look down on us are in for a rude awakening. They have no skills outside of looking down at people and ordering a smoothie. I hope that smoothie will keep you alive, because your help that you have depended on for years is abandoning you.

You know it is a bad sign when the U.S. no longer appeals to those who are simply looking to support their family.

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