Lowa Air Force Air Commandos Boots

These look like nice boots, but at almost $200 they are not affordable for everyone.  I do like how military boots do not look like military boots these days.  It is annoying that the gear we look for to prep makes us stand out and look either crazy or like we want to be in a militia.
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The USAF AFSOC is leading the way once again by being the first unit to switch to the new Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid AF Commando Sage boot. Tactical Gear Now, Inc. and its e-commerce site AFMO.com will supply the new boot exclusively from March until July 2012.

The Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid AF Commando Sage boot is a Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid specially made in Air Force sage green and named after the Air Force Air Commandos for their tireless work and dedication to protecting the United States. The Air Force Air Commandos are the most elite fighters in the Air Force. The Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid AF Commando Sage exceeded their extremely high standards to become their new boot of choice for 2012.

The new boot has a unique polyurethane Monowrap technology that cradles feet in a supportive frame while providing the high flexibility and low weight of a running shoe. Polyurethane lasts twice as long as EVA, making this a very durable boot. The Lowa Zephyr GTX Mid AF Commando Sage features a Lowa Cross outsole with hiking oriented tread for traction on any surface. Its uppers are made of split leather for comfort without a break-in period and Cordura for exceptional durability. Gore-Tex lining keeps the boots breathable and waterproof. AFMO.com.

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