Liberal Cartoonist Judge Lee Mocks the Death of Chris Kyle

I understand the desire for those who are against the availability of guns to the public or pro-gun control, to try and express their opinion in different ways.  Cartoonist Lee Judge, decided to express his opinion by targeting the recent death of famed US sniper Chris Kyle who was recently shot and killed while trying to assist another former military veteran deal with the PSD that he suffered from due to active combat.


Judge’s defenders like to point out that Judge was actually pointing out the flaw in NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre’s statement that “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”

Miriam Pepper, vice president of editorial at the Kansas City Star, however, defended the original cartoon, calling it “very powerful” and said it “made a very telling point.”

“Here you have a very experienced weapons expert, you know, who’s murdered by another shooter and I think we believe very strongly that the discussion around the issue of putting more armed guards in places is not going to be the answer everyone agrees with,” Pepper told TheBlaze.

The problem with Judge’s logic is that “a good guy with a gun” would not be trying to help children at a school work through psychological issues by shooting guns.  A guard at a school would be on the lookout for a “bad guy with a gun” and not worried about his friends shooting him due to a psychological disorder.

When did it become acceptable to use a tragedy against a slain veteran to try and poorly prove a point that guns can kill people?  I suppose it should not surprise me since our president ordered flags at half-mast when Whitney Houston died from a drug induced heart attack, but no acknowledgment for the tragic death of a military hero.

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