Jobless Claims Increase so Prepare for the Collapsing Economy Now

New report out says that unemployment claims are at 3 month high. It appears that those people who had seasonal jobs over the thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are losing their jobs and need the government to help them out again. Not to say that the people are bad or should not receive help, but it is a reminder that despite what we are being told, the economy is not getting any better.

On top of that the government is expected job gains to be 50,000 less than what had been reported from December to February. Companies are laying off people and those people need the government to help them out until the economy comes around or until funding runs out. What happens when the government is broke and the jobs are not here?

For me, one of the basics of prepping is paying off as much debt as possible. It is great to have food and water when those are interrupted, but what happens when your bills come due and you have no money to pay for things? I personally do not see an end of times type scenario where the U.S. turns into a Mad Max or Book of Eli type environment anytime soon. When that does happen, then I would not worry about bills either. When a financial collapse occurs however, you will see bankruptcies increasing and banks foreclosing on homes. The pending collapse will make what the country just went through look like a trial run.

People have been living their life on borrowed money because we have lost the art of patience. We do not want to wait to buy stuff when we have cash in hand and when times get tough, people are unwilling to let go of the luxuries they have, like newer cars and cable, and try to sustain that life with their credit. Interesting idea if the economy recovers, but if not, you have a lot of people who will lose the life they have become accustomed too.

You will find more people becoming desperate, so robberies and burglaries will increase. There was an article on Yahoo earlier this week about how some people are going to prison for debt issues, but it is not being called a debtor prison like what used to exist. Do you want to go to jail because you could not live without cable or that new iPhone?

Those FEMA prison looking things seem like they are designed to handle families that cannot take care of themselves. Will people be shipped their as a government run refugee camp? Will the homeless population swell to untold numbers as people get evicted and have no place to go.

Prepare now for the collapse of the dollar. Food and utility costs will increase as the U.S. becomes a larger version of Greece. It will become harder for most American’s to keep their standard of living, so pay off now what you can. I love me some Game of Thrones, but I am not willing to lose my house over it.

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