by John McGregor, Adjunct Instructor


One thing that differentiates tactical firearms training from marksmanship training is the incorporation of movement. In a life or death encounter, the last thing you want to do is to stay still.

The first area you can incorporate movement into tactical firearms training is at the presentation of the pistol. If you need to draw your pistol, you need to be moving. Making yourself a moving target makes your actions less predictable to a threat, and harder to hit. There are situations where it may be best to advance towards a threat, and situations where retreating is your best option. But, the first movement I like to train on as the pistol is accessed is lateral movement. As soon as you have made the decision to access your firearm, begin to move laterally. Take a step or two to the left or right as you access the pistol. Make sure you train both directions so that you don’t program yourself to take two steps left every time you draw your pistol—your environment may not allow it. Once the firearm is on target, you can stop to fire, or continue shooting on the move.

The next area I add movement to tactical firearms training is anytime a problem develops and you are not behind cover. If you trying to stop a threat and your pistol stops working, that is a problem. So if you feel the trigger “click” but there is no “bang”, begin to move laterally as you perform your immediate action drill. If the trigger feels squishy, begin lateral movement as you either correct a malfunction or complete an emergency reload.

Some ranges or shooting clubs may not allow you to move on the firing line. If that is your situation, you can practice the same skills using a double checked unloaded firearm, a safe direction, and some dummy rounds. If you are looking for somewhere to practice these skills live fire, come to SIG SAUER Academy to take Intermediate Practical Handgun Skills (Handgun 103) or Concealed Carry Pistol.

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