Hunter Saves Own Life After Rattlesnake Bite

You never know what you are going to run into, so it is best to always be prepared. Here is a story about a hunter who was being careful and happened to run into a rattlesnake. His being prepared with an inexpensive prep saved his life.

Hunter saves own life after rattlesnake bit him
May 01, 2013 by David Strege

Chad Cross was hunting for turkey in the woods in Alabama when a venomous pit viper rattlesnake bit him in the lower left leg. Nervous and scared, the Montgomery resident attempted to calm himself and slow his heart rate so as to prevent the quick spreading of the deadly venom throughout his body. He then made a move that saved his life. He pulled out his snake-bite kit. WSFA has the incredible story:

“Best way I can describe it is someone taking a full swing with a baseball bat and hitting me in my calf,” Cross told WSFA.

“I knew I had to calm down and get my heart rate down because the faster my heart was pumping, I knew the faster than venom was going through my system.

Cross opened his Bite & Sting venom extraction kit and read the directions. He’s carried it with him on hunting trips for years but never knew how to use it.

He stuck the tip of the extractor over the bite, pushed the plunger down and pulled it up, creating a suction that brought the venom with it. Then he went to get treatment. His on-camera demonstration shows how the skin is sucked up, and thus, the venom is sucked out.

“That’s what pulled it all out and I think saved my life,” he told WSFA.
The doctor told him as much, saying without using the kit, he would have died before he ever made it to his truck.

Incidents like this and the Boston Marathon prove that we all need to take first aid and our medical health seriously.  It does not hurt to carry a bite kit along with your first aid or trauma kit.

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