How to Pack a Zombie Survival Kit

WIRED Magazine talks to Author Max Brooks about the zombie apocalypse and some essentials to pack in a survival kit.

In the face of zombie threats both old and new, Wired asked Brooks about the ten essential items needed for an zombie survival kit, which Brooks says should look similar to most disaster preparedness kits: “You won’t have to pack any zombie-specific items, not like a werewolf kit where you’ll need silver bullets or a vampire kit where you’ll need lots and lots of glitter.” His packing list is smart and practical, and – surprisingly – full of what he calls “little boring details” that can keep people alive in almost any situation:



2. Some way to collect and PURIFY water!

3. Broken-in hiking boots (blisters are not funny!)

4. Dry socks (trench foot is definitely not funny!)

5. A radio that doesn’t need batteries (and an earpiece so you’re not broadcasting to everything living and undead within earshot)

6. Some means of making fire (matches are good, flint and steel and char cloth are better)

7. Some means of self-defense (preferably something that doesn’t need reloading)

8. A first aid kit

9. A Swiss army knife or multi-tool

10. The Zombie Survival Guide — ONLY if it’s in paperback! Hey, I love e-books too, but remember, in a crisis, paper doesn’t break or simply run out of juice!

“I feel if you’re prepared for a zombie plague, you’re prepared for most natural disasters,” Brooks said. “For me, zombie survival isn’t about guns and violence and nail-biting action. We live in a culture that thrives on hype and panic, and that’s a sure recipe for disaster. I always tell people, ‘In a crisis, think about what Congress or Fox News would do and then just do the opposite.’”

Brooks says that the one thing he wishes he could go back to his book on preparing for the undead apocalypse is a chapter on avoiding what he calls “overenthusiastic prep-ers.” “When I wrote The Zombie Survival Guide, there was hardly anyone thinking about how to survive an undead plague … Now, literally millions of people are thinking about what they would do, and of those millions, there’s gotta be some percentage that really, REALLY want it to happen. Those people scare me more than zombies. A zombie plague might or might not happen, but mentally unbalanced, well armed, fringe citizens with itchy trigger fingers are definitely a reality.”

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