How to Build an Extra Fuel Supply for Emergencies

One of the most essential prepper items that people need to have on hand is extra fuel.  Let’s face the simple fact that as a society, we are dependent on the ability to travel distances in a quick manner.  Whether it is a daily commute to work or shipping products to stores, we are dependent on having fuel to complete these functions.

After Hurricane Sandy, we saw how gas stations would run out of fuel because the supply was interrupted but the demand did not go down.  We know from every natural disaster that there is an interruption in the ability for people to get gas when there is the slightest interruption on the ability to deliver it.  When people do not get what they need to survive, violence will often follow.

To be prepared, I suggest that everyone have at least 50 gallons of fuel on hand in the case of an emergency.  This fuel can be used to power a generator for your house or to ensure an adequate supply for your vehicle when trying to bug out or just go about your daily routine.  This might seem like an excessive amount, but if you look at how much fuel you consume on a weekly basis, it is really not unreasonable.

Fuel Storage Devices

I think most people have seen those 5 gallon plastic fuel containers that many of us have for lawn care equipment or even for an emergency.  Having 10 of those containers is not the most feasible way of storing your fuel, but it will work if that is all that you have.

Personally, I prefer something along the lines of the DuraMax Flo ‘n Go.  This is a 14 gallon fuel container that has built in wheels for easy movement and a hand pump siphon that makes for easy distribution of fuel.  It is like having a portable gas pump on hand.

duramax flo n go

If you are storing a combination of diesel and gasoline, you will want separate tanks that are clearly marked on which fuel they contain.  You do not want to get confused and mix these two types of fuel.

Treating the Fuel

Most experts say that you do not want to store gasoline for more than two years and ideally for lest that a season.  When you are stock piling gas, this is not always an easy thing to do due to logistics and the cost.  In order to allow your fuel to be safely stored for a longer period of time, you will want to use a fuel stabilizer like STA-BIL.


STA-BIL will help to eliminate any water that might find its way into your fuel as well as helps to keep your engine clean and corrosion resistant.  We all can agree that the idea of replacing an engine is not something that people look forward to.  Using this additive will keep your fuel fresher and protect your investment.

I would still go ahead and look at circulating your fuel out every year or so by filling up your vehicle from your storage supply and then replacing the storage supply with new gas.  This might be a good thing to do in the winter when gas prices are typically cheaper.

Siphoning Fuel

While having a stored fuel supply is a great thing to have, there are always occasions when you are either away from your supply or have exhausted the supply and still need more fuel.  In these cases, you will need to have a good fuel siphon in order to move the fuel from once source to another.


I am not advocating stealing, but if something happens and vehicles are abandoned, this might be the only thing you can do to insure the safety of your family.

There are several good fuel siphons on the market that will allow for a fast transfer of liquids from one source to another.  If you like the hand pump feature on the DuraMax Flo ‘n Go, you will probably enjoy their Flo ‘n Go Siphon Pump as well.  It will siphon fuel from a tank to your vehicle while providing the feel of a gas pump.

duramax siphon

The times are becoming more and more unpredictable, but with a little thought and preparation, you can meet these challenges head on.

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