Home Defense Shotgun

home defense shotguns

When it comes to home defense, there are a number of weapons to choose from.  Viable options can include handguns and rifles, but probably the most effective and widely chosen option is the shotgun.
home defense shotguns

Shotguns provide an effective solution in that they are easier to control and aim than a handgun.  The shotgun is generally seen as more intimidating than other guns, so displaying the weapon can provide an extra degree of protection from someone trying to break into your home.  Depending on the ammo used, the shotgun is less likely to penetrate through the inner walls of the home, which will protect family members who might still be in their rooms.  Despite that fact, a blast from a shotgun will almost always take a person down, so one shot is more likely to bring resolution to a conflict.

Shotguns come in a pump-action, semi-auto or level action variety.

The pump-action is probably the most widely recognized version of the home defense shotgun.  These shotguns will fire one round, when the trigger is pulled.  To clear out the used shell and chamber a new shell, the user will need to slide the forearm handle forward and then back towards them self.  This “pumping action” makes a unique sound that is said to be one of the most intimidating sounds imaginable.

The semi-automatic shotgun is the next most popular version of home defense shotgun.  These shotguns will automatically cycle out the used shell and replace it with a new one each time the trigger is pulled.  These shotguns are easier to use by women than the pump-action, but the speed in which the gun is reloaded makes it a great solution when engaging multiple targets.



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