Home Defense against the UNPREPARED

Here is a video from a concerned American giving his ideas on what people need to consider when thinking about home defense.  Robberies and home invasions aside, if the SHTF, you need to know how to defend your family and your  home when people who have not prepared coming looking for handouts or an easy mark.

There are three types of people in the SHTF scenario.  The first is the prepper who has seen that a person needs to be ready for anything.  Next is the person who has depended on the government and the system to take care of all of their needs and will continue to do so until they die.  The last are the ones who have not prepared but realize the government will not take care of them so they will take from those who have.  The second type of person will come looking for a handout while the last will come to kill you and take what you have.  If you cannot defend your home from either type, you will either die or lose what you have prepped.


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