Global Food Shortage Looms While Prices Continue to Increase

This is part of an article on the rise of global food prices:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Global food prices are rising again, pushed higher by costlier oil, strong demand from Asia and bad weather in parts of Europe, South America and the United States, the World Bank said on Wednesday.

The latest World Bank food price index showed the cost of food rose 8 percent between December and March. In the previous four months, prices had declined. Even after the latest rise, food prices remain 1 percent below a year ago and 6 percent below the February 2011 historical peak, the World Bank said.

“After four months of consecutive price declines, food prices are on the rise again, threatening the food security of millions of people,” Otaviano Canuto, World Bank vice president for poverty reduction and economic management, said in a statement.

“The price indices of grains, fats and oils, and other foods all increased in each month since January 2012,” the World Bank said.

Notice that this threatens the food security of millions of people. Prices are going up because it costs more to produce the same amount of food. People are affected because we are not getting any more money to offset the rice in prices. If you prep for no other reason than to cut future food costs, it will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Throughout history, the population size of an area has always been dependent upon the amount of food that area can produce. With the globalization of economies, you can see that changing as one area can supply enough food to make up the shortfall in another area. Since there is more food, the population will increase. The U.S. produces a lot of food that is sold around the world, but it also pays some of its farmers not to produce. That keeps food prices up and will protect the land.

What happens when it costs too much to produce the same amount of food without raising the prices? People will always need to buy food or die, but when people cannot afford it, then what will happen? Will prices go down so they can have the food or will it be withheld while people try and get the money they are owed? When this happens and the world is over populated, you will see famine in areas that have not experienced it before and you will see violent riots and unrest and people fight to stay alive.

Prepare now for the upcoming food shortages. We know it will happen and we know the price will continue to rise. Those who are without are in trouble. Those who cannot raise or grow their own food will be dependent upon the government and the conditions it stipulates if they want to live. Ever wonder why the U.S. built all of those large prison-like FEMA camps?

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