DIY Bug Out Vehicle

I know many prepping and survival sites have their list of the best Bug Out Vehicles, but in all honesty the best Bug Out Vehicle is the Bug Out Vehicle you have.  I could list in order of preference the vehicles I would like to own, but those don’t really do any one any good except drive up the prices for those that want to buy them and distract you from the work you have at hand of having a Bug Out Vehicle.

Now when we talk bug out vehicles, a true Bug Out Vehicle is dedicated to bugging out in.  it is not one that you will need to load up with supplies in the case of emergency as it should already be ready to go like your Bug Out Bag.

For those of you who are wanting an idea on how to go about getting or making your own Bug Out Vehicle, Creek at Willow Haven Outdoor has started a new series detailing how he is transforming a 1985 Chevy pickup into a new Bug Out Vehicle.

For those looking for just a little inspiration into over the top Bug Out Vehicles, you can ready this article I put out awhile back.

Happy Prepping!

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