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It appears that those in the mainstream portion of the world are starting to realize that we are not living in a warm and fuzzy world.  With the extreme weather that we keep having around the country, the looming threat of economic collapse and the crazy North Koreans who seem hell bent to scorch the US with their nukes, those people who like designer things can now get on board with prepping.

If you are a fan of Doomsday Preppers, you might remember Tim Ralston from his episode where he was working on making a tactical folding shovel and then later on blowing up part of his hand when he mishandled his firearm.  Ralston has set up a website to sell his shovel and other (what I considered to be overpriced) prepping gear at

I should not say it is overpriced, but it sells for more than I am willing to pay for.  If you do not want to take the time to put your own gear together, this might be the perfect place for you.  For example, they offer a bug out bag for the low, low price of $909.00.  You get the following items in your readymade kit:

Product Description

Top craftsmanship quality gear, hand-picked/ tested and pre-packed for you.  This bag is meant to sustain you for seven days. Dependable, iron tough and potentially lifesaving.

1. Bag- Medium attack pack.

2. Crovel Tactical- multi-tool with superspike attachement. (3 lbs).

3. Polarshield emergency sleeping bag.

4. Plastic/aluminum all weather blanket.

5. Tactical Kevlar hard knuckle gloves.

6. Tactical flashlight.

7. First Aid Kit.

8. Rip Stop Poncho.

9. Freeze dried food- great tasting -20 servings of 25 year shelf life.

10. LED headlamp

11. Solar/ wind-up radio with weather channel.

12. Military grade bug spray.

13. Military compass.

14. Multi tool (Leatherman).

15. Rescue knife (Smith & Wesson).

16. 18 water filtration pouches in multiple flavors (120 calories per).

17. Vaseline.

18. Tampons (x6- first aid and fire starting).

19. Laundry detergent/ soap sheets.

20. Bouillon cubes.

21. All-seasoning spice.

22. Tactical flashlight.

23. Toothbrush with toothpaste.

24. Wet wipes.

25. Candle- in-a-can

26. Multifunctional kit- includes thermometer, hydrometer, signal mirror, level bubble, flint, whistle, magnifier, ruler, LED light, compass.

27. G.I. tin cup and water bottle.

28. Shemagh- Authentic, Soft, breathable cotton. One of the most useful items for keeping the sun off, sand out.

29. Wool cap.

30. Frontier pro water filter.

31. Survival whistle with thermometer and compass.

32. Tactical eye goggles.

33. Magnesium stick.

34. Spork.

35. P90 can opener.

36. 3mm thick clear plastic bags x4.

37. Army survival manual.

38. 100 ft 550 paracord.

39. Carabiner clip.

40. Soft snare cord.

41. Duct tape.

42. Super Hammock.

43. QuickClot- 100 gram to stop moderate to severe bleeding.

44. Sewing Kit.

45. Shamwow towel

If that is a bit much for your wallet, let me know and maybe I can put something together for you (minus the shamwow) or just buy this one here.

Now not all “designer” items are cheesy. I have posted an article on how to make your own solar battery charger, but if you want everything in a nice and neat little package, check out the Yeti 150 from GoalZero.  GoalZero offers several different solar options that you can use on the move, but the Yeti 150 is a new product that will allow you to quickly charge phones and laptops in a matter of hours for under a thousand dollars.  I hope it is less, but the price has not been released as of yet.


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