Death of Bees Leads to Death of Mankind


I am still amazed at how people do not see the connection between the bee and human survival.  If you are unsure what will happen with all bees are gone, take some time and watch the Bee Movie.

A dead bee (© Redmond O. Durrell/Alamy)

25,000 bumblebees die, drop from trees in Oregon after pesticide spray

It’s tough to be a bee these days. Oregon officials are investigating why an estimated 25,000 bumblebees have been found dead in a Target parking lot in Wilsonville, Ore., since Saturday. It’s the largest-known death of bumblebees ever in the U.S. Reports of bees falling from the 55 blooming linden trees were still coming into the Oregon Department of Agriculture on Wednesday. Initial findings indicate the trees were sprayed Saturday with the insecticide called Safari, which carries a warning on the label not to spray “if bees are visiting the area.” “I’ve never encountered anything quite like it in 30 years in the business,” said Dan Hilburn, director of plant programs at the Oregon Agriculture Department. [Source]

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