Dangers of the Bug Out Bag

So, I was doing some research last night on how to build a bug out bag (BOB) and what type of supplies needed to go into it.  During my research, I came a website that would sell you a ready to use bag for the low, low price of $1,100.00. 
Now, I might be cheap, but that seems rather unreasonable.  when looking at the bag, you have to consider that it was designed for 14 days and not just 72 hours, which is what most BOBs are designed for.  Extra days worth of supplies is nice, but the main bulk of the cost comes from the kit including luxury type items when they are not really needed.
Take for example the compass.  Their bag includes a Suunto Global compass which retails for over $50.00.  That is one nice compass.  It is rumored to be used by the US Special Forces, but does that mean it is what you need to survive?  I think not. 
The compass in question is a global model which means it can work above and below the equator.  That is a nice feature, but if you are living in the US and need to get out of town, that feature will not matter a lot to you.  I was able to find a comparable model on Amazon for less than $15.00 that offered many of the same features.  You can check it out under the store tab and listed under survival tools. 
** Small side note, I do have a link to an Amazon store that contains varies supplies and items that will be beneficial when the SHTF.  You are welcome to buy anything that I have listed there, but it is mainly for me to be able to quickly go back and order stuff as money is available.  My goal is to inform people and not just capitalize on the fact that world seems ready to spit us out.  You will not see me ever selling an $1,100 bag.  **
This premade kit also includes a $275 backpack as well as a $170 sleeping bag and $40 air mattress.  I question the feasibility of the air mattress, as if it is serious enough for you to leave your house and try to avoid the chaos, are you really worried about inflating an air mattress to sleep on?  That and I can buy the same backpack new for $125, so there is some serious markup going on in the name of providing a service to those who want to prepare.
I think this is my problem with some of the people in the prepping community.  They seem to be playing off the fears of others and trying to make a quick buck.  I know not all of them are like this, but you really have to look and see what is needed.  The money spent on that premade bag can be better utilized to make your own bag and obtaining more supplies for your family.
Another thing I have noticed is that so many preppers drift towards using military items for their supplies.  I understand the logic as it is available and relatively cheap, depending on what you decided to get.  What about that fact that everyone bugging out will be touting camo gear though?  Aren’t we supposed to blend in so that we do not draw attention to the fact that we did in fact prepare ahead of time?  We are not wanting to become victims do to choice in gear.
That being said, I plan on getting a military based bag for my first bag, but I think I will try dyeing it to see if I can add an additional level of “camouflage” to my supplies.  Once I do it, I will post pictures and discuss the outcome.
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