Condor MOPC Body Armor

I recently saw an article about active duty military units contacting TroopsDirect for assistance in getting the gear that they desperately need but is not being provided due to budgetary issues.  The focus of this article was that the military was requesting Condor MOPC body armor as there was not enough of the officially supplied Improved Outer Tactical Vests (IOTV) to go around.

It is a scary thought that the US military cannot adequately supply active duty troops, but rather telling that active duty military units want the Condor MOPC body armor over their standard issued armor.  Even though the IOTV vests have been tested by the military to provide better protective covering, the Condor MOPC body armor is lighter in weight and allows a greater range of mobility for the wearer.  Those are always a plus when you have to move fast and would like to stay alive.

The article went on to say that the Condor MOPC body armor is being used widely among active duty Special Forces troops as well as some other units currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Private contractors who have to provide their own gear tend to use Condor products as well LE and civilians, so you know you are getting a good product when you go with Condor. 

Personally, I have many Condor items that I use on a daily basis as well as for long term plans.  I use the assault pack for my bug out bags and have recently switched over to the commuter bag for my daily carry bag/get home bag.  In both of these bags, I have added the Condor insert pack which is designed to hold and organize your medical and first aid gear.

If you are looking for bags or accessories for your prepping needs, the Condor product line offers high quality and functionality at a reasonable price.  There are usually several color options as well, which allows people to stay away from multi-cam fabric if they do not like the camo look.  We know that active troops trust Condor with their daily needs, so it can be trusted with your needs as well.

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