Condor EMT Medical Pouch

In the wake of the recent terror attack in Boston, I think we can agree that we do not know when something will happen around us or when something will happen to our loved ones. Watching the news this morning, several of the officials openly said that there would have been a lot more fatalities due to the bomb blast if there had not been people on hand who were able to provide trauma treatment at the scene.

Everyone should have access to basic medical supplies along with the knowledge in which to use them. I have provided some videos in the past that offer medical knowledge, but now we will talk about the supplies.

I use the medical pouch offered by Condor around my house. I have one in each bugout bag as well as in the vehicles and my get home bag. I do not know when something is going to happen, but I will make sure I am as prepared as I can be when it does.

Here are two different reviews for Condor EMT bags. Both bags are good, so it comes down to preference as to which one you get.

Condor Tactical EMT Molle Pouch

Condor Rip_Away EMT Molle Pouch

Once you get your pouch, you will want to fill it with some items. Here is a suggested list of things to carry in each one:

(10) 5×9 Trauma Dressings
(10) 4×4 Gauze Sponges
(10) Butterfly Bandages
(10) Band aids
(2) Quik Clot sponge
(5) Triangle bandages w/ safety pins
(4) Rolls of 3′ cling
(10) Alcohol pads
(10) Triple antibiotic ointment
(2) One inch roll cloth tape
(1) EMT scissor
(4) Large non-latex gloves
(5) Aspirin 325 – 2 tablets
(5) Ibuprofen 200mg – 2 tablets
(5) Tylenol 500mg – 2 tablets
(5) Benadryl 25mg
(1) Bee sting relief

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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