Clean Undies during the End Times

This morning, I was thinking about underwear. Slightly odd I know, but relevant to the long term prepper and survivalist.

Growing up with my step father was a bit interesting. Being a Ranger with multiple tours in Vietnam, it is needless to say he had some interesting stories as well advice that I would not have thought of. One of these dealt with why he did not wear underwear. He was commando all the way.

Stalking in the jungle meant long trips with only what you had on you. The place is humid and they were in and out of water all the time. While we think about what gear we would want to be with us, they did not have an endless supply of equipment. One of the issues of the prolong moisture was that underwear had a tendency of rotting while you were wearing it. There was no quick change of clothes at those times. You wore what you had on and that was it. Needless to say, enough times of under garments rotting off and you stop wearing them.

Thinking about the average prepper, anyone who is planning on bugging out and leaving their house has to consider the clothes that they will wear. Are you going to forgo valuable food or water in order to take extra clothes or are you just going to wear what you have on? It puts an interesting twist on your plans as if you do not prepare ahead of time, your clothes will get dirty and smelly and eventually wear out. It is hard to hide when you have a funk about you. What if you are wearing your work suit when then shit happens and have to flee in a hurry? How badly will you stand out wearing that while trying to hide or just blend in with those around you?

When thinking about the end of the world, or at least the end of it as we know it, do you think about changing your clothes or even how to maintain what you have with you? Something to think about.

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