Bug Out Bag Food Upgrade

Recently, I was going through our bug out bags and decided it was time to upgrade some of the meal options that were included.  When starting out the bag, I selected high quality meal bars that had a good shelf life and provided the nutrients we needed.  There is nothing wrong with the meal bars, but after reflecting on what mental and physical stresses we would be experiencing when it comes time to use the bags, I wanted to add a hot meal option that would be affordable as well as nutritious.  Luckily Wise is selling packs of food specifically for the bug out bag.

Their 72 hour kit comes with 6 food pouches that contain 2 servings of food each.  Each bag is guaranteed to last for 7 years and the meal can easily be prepared in the package it comes in.  I ordered two of the kits to split among the bags, that way if a bag gets lost or destroyed, I will still have enough food available for the family.

It is necessary to revisit your bug out bag on a regular basis in order to rotate out any items that are getting ready to expire or to simply see what items you can upgrade for higher quality.

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