Boycott Gander Mountain

I often wonder why some businesses decide to get into politics.  I know there are those industries that spend millions of dollars trying to bribe elected officials so that policy can be made that will reap them more money than what they spent.  Not much of a democracy is it, when the dollar counts more than the vote, but that is the way it is.  It is that way because we, the voter, are generally too lazy to make a change.  We vote for what we know and we allow that behavior to continue.

In this case however, we have Gander Mountain stores caving into pressure from a political activist group that opposes the people who shop there.  You can read the story here.  Basically, those people who are anti Scott Walker in Wisconsin, have bullied Gander Mountain into not allowing NRA grass root groups from meeting on their property.  Now Gander Mountain has every right to refuse any group, and that is the way it should be.  What bothers me is when they refuse based upon bullying by another group.

I would hope that they would understand that it is the people who support the NRA that do a lot of buying in their store.  A good part of the store merchandise is geared toward gun owners and hunters.  I suppose they might hope that an influx of liberal fishers will help offset any loss in business due to their actions, but since a lot of hunters fish too, I am not sure how many liberal fishers it will take.  Perhaps they are biding their time until the world goes down the crapper and will raise prices and milk those people who waited too long to prepare.  Seems like a big gamble, but who knows what this business unit is thinking.

For me, I am going to stop shopping at Gander Mountain. They made their choice and I am making mine.  Obviously they do not need me or my patronage and with the internet, I truly do not need them.  I love the American way!

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