Beware of Fear Based Marketing Ads

One of the biggest problems people face is fear of the unknown.  We all feel like something could happen and want to be prepared in case it actually does happen, but all too often we are seeing those who prey on the sense of uncertainty by using fear based marketing to try and make money off of them.  This is not right.

I got the below email from a “prepping” site.  It is an advertisement for a financial program that is designed to make you afraid of the government taking your retirement money while you are left broke and unable to fend for yourself.  It sounds like the referring website is actually looking out for the reader, but they are usually more concerned about earning a commission from referring this type of product to you.

I am all for people making money.  I want to make money too.  I use Amazon and some other product ads that I feel are a benefit to people.  I will not be sending any of my readers an ad that I know will not provide a value or benefit to the people it is targeting.  For me, that is just wrong.  I do not want my parents or grandparents being taken advantage of so I will not be trying to take advantage of other people.  Instead, I think it is our obligation to warn others about fear based marketing like this one.

The way these types of programs work is that they will tell you that you are at a great risk of losing much if not all of your money because someone wants to take it.  The people will tell you how you can protect yourself and make good returns if you will buy their program.  The problem here is that the buying of the program is how they make their money and not through using their own techniques.  They have targeted you with this fear based marketing technique and they are the ones who are really after your money. 

Let me offer a word of warning to those people who are worried about the government taking your money.  If the government is going to take your retirement accounts for their own coffers, the investment opportunities that these types of programs offer are also subject to seizure.  Unless you can invest your money outside of the US, if the US government wants to take it and makes it legally possible to take it, they will take it. 

The upside about the government trying to take your money is that people will be talking about it and it will not be a surprise.  People who use fear based marketing know this, but they will not tell you because they secretly want your money.  If the program they are trying to sell you was that good, they would be making money as fast as possible from it.  If they truly were worried about you being able to retire, they would not be trying to sell you information on how to protect your money, they would be giving it to you instead. 

Be careful of what products you decide to purchase and if you know anyone thinking about something like this, please warn them.


An email that relies on fear based marketing to make you spend your money on a program that is not likely to work.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

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