Best Buy Supports Killing Jews and Restricting American Freedom

I was reading some political motivated email today about the double standards that the Democratic Party carries on that it blasts the Republican Party over. Stuff like how Michelle Obama requires a photo id for someone to attend her book signing party but it is illegal for republicans to want voters to present photo ids when casting their votes. Personally, I don’t care as much about this type of rhetoric as it has little to no bearing on my life. Both parties are awash with corruption, so watching the two argue as to which of them is the lessor of two evils is not something that excites me.

Along the same lines though, there was mention as to how Best Buy has earned a “Platinum Sponsor” level for their fund raising efforts for CAIR in Minnesota. Now for those who do not know, CAIR stands for the Council on American-Islamic Relations and is the public face for groups like Hamas. I am all for trying to ensure equal rights for Americans who follow Islam, but I am not for groups that want to bash and support the annihilation of all Jews from the face of the earth. I am not for groups that want the inclusion of Sharia law in judicial decisions and I do not want special treatment giving to followers of Islam so we do not offend them. No other religious group gets this treatment, so neither should they.

Remember that when you shop at Best Buy, you are helping to fund an organization who wants to limit American freedoms for those who do not follow Islam.

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