Be Wary of Cheap Gear

I think most of us out there are concerned with the rising price of equipment and supplies that we need for our prepping as well as everyday endeavors. Prices are going up, but wages are not following at the same pace. A rather confirming sign that inflation is around us and we should start prepping now, if only to maximize our dollar on the stuff we know we will use in the future.

In the process of trying to save some money, cheap deals on items can become rather appealing. The problem with the cheap deal is in this global economy, you very well face the possibility of buying a potentially subpar Chinese knock off.

If you go to one of the many Chinese wholesaling sites, you can get a firsthand look at the “American” companies that have a portion of their manufacturing process in China. In some cases, Chinese manufactures will openly steal a product that is being manufactured in the U.S. or other company and make a cheap version and flood the markets with them. You see this a lot in medicines, but there are other consumer products that are subject to this type of fraudulent practices.

What is more common though, is a Chinese company that is producing product for the American company will have an extra production run and keep that product for themselves. This was a major issue for New Balance shoes, as the company was using the raw products that New Balance supplied the manufacture to make identical shoes , but with a Chinese logo.

You can take a look out there and find name brand golf clubs and shoes. No surprise that they have designer clothes and bags, but they have stuff that is near and dear to the prepper. You can get cheap prepping supplies like MOLLE bags, Magpul quad rail parts, gear from Blackhawk, Gerber and Smith and Wesson knives. I even found cheap Leopold scopes last night while looking around. Some of this gear could be high quality, but there is no assurance as to what you are really buying. The original company will not honor any claimed warrantee and it is hard to track down these black market suppliers.

A cheap production of a 5.11 Tactical knife.

You will find these items littering many of the discount or auction type sites, like eBay and Amazon. The companies will at times shut down a supplier of items that are in violation of copyright laws, but it is really not that hard to set up a new user account and keep selling the cheap stuff.

Don’t risk your life over saving some money. Make sure that the people you buy from are reputable and have positive feedback. Take a little time to research what you are buying and who you are buying it from before giving them your hard earned money.

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