Arming Egypt to Kill the Jews?

With continuing civil unrest in Egypt, one has to wonder why the US would go ahead and provide the struggling country with F-16 jets.

You know the country is having issues Egyptian army chief warns that the state government could collapse among the unrest. 

Now this is not a case of “islamophobia”, but are we really surprised about this?  The Muslim Brotherhood was the leading group in the revolt against the old regime when the US offered military and civilian support.  Now the Muslim Brotherhood is connected to Hamas and Hezbollah, so why we would help a terrorist organization is mind boggling.  The Muslim Brotherhood was also the leading group in overthrowing the Libyan government and we know how well that worked for the US.

With this country struggling to figure out its identity after it the Brotherhood approved a constitution that severely limited the rights of women and non-Muslims, the US felt that the best way to help out was to provide a total of sixteen F-16 jets and 200 Abram tanks.  This is the same administration that wants to limit the types of guns that its citizens are allowed to legally own despite providing the weapons to the people who attacked the embassy in Benghazi.

Maybe we think that if we bribe and payoff the terrorist that they won’t attack us.  I guarantee that you will see these weapons used against Israel in the future.

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