America – The Once Great

When the economy in the U.S. collapses, there will be a change in the way our life is lived. Zombies movies like to show the few people struggling to survive against the horde of zombies. Apocalypse movies based on disease or nuclear war show how some will continue to hold on to life as they knew it before the incident, but struggling against those who use the new world for their own gain. With a financial collapse, you will see some of these, but I do not think they will be on as grand of a scale as Hollywood like to depict.

In the beginning, there will be runs on banks and stores. People who refused to prepare will panic and try and get what they can. Imagine rats trying to get off a sinking ship. It will not take long before those who are without will grumble and rally behind those calls that the rich have oppressed them and are responsible for this crisis. Imagine Occupy Wall street but more along the lines of a riot just waiting for the fuse to be lit. Once someone lights the fuse, you will have a free for all. Police and military will clash with the poor and hungry. Thousands will be killed as the military will turn on those it has sworn to protect.

The FEMA camps, that have been setup and staffed already, will be used to house those who cannot afford to live without government assistance. Modern welfare will be a thing of the pass. You will most likely see some drugs and prostitution legalized as these vices will help distract the mobs from their dissatisfaction with life. You can see this now as people are distracted with the events that are unfolding by playing with their smartphones. Ask yourself how someone without a job can still afford to have a cellphone and not just a cellphone but a smartphone. These things distract and occupy your life for a while and then there are plenty of apps for you to switch your attention too when you are bored. Those who are not in control are always distracted as a way to pacify the masses. Don’t believe me? What about the Salem witch trials, Spanish inquisition, abolition, I can go on. When people get together, as with civil rights, revolution happens and those in charge cannot remain in charge if that happens. Look at Syria.

You will begin living in more of a police state. Watch the Hunger Games and that might give you a better idea of what is to come. We will be kept from unifying and focusing on our daily life of just trying to survive. Prepare now.

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