Al Qaeda Wants Western Converts to use Chemical and Biological Weapons

There is wonderful report in the news today. An Al Qaeda cleric’s words appeared in the Al Qaeda magazine calling on followers to attack with chemical and biological weapons. Didn’t know that Al Qaeda had a magazine? It sure does. And it is published in English. Al Qaeda is trying to get more westerners to jump on board with Islam and terrorize those who live the life of plenty and self-indulgence. That would be westerners and any who live like they do.

Now this is not an attack on Islam, as we have seen many Islamic followers in the west compromise the religion to coexist with society. We like those Islamic people, as long as they stay in that state. We need to keep the two groups separate.

So, Al Qaeda wants these new western followers to pick up the crusade and kill those who they live around with chemical and biological weapons. Now there have plots using these methods that have been foiled by various government authorities, so this is not a new strategy. Of course, for the diligent prepper, this is something that needs to be expected. This is why people buy gas masks and water purifiers. There are special air purifiers (NBC) that some people have installed in their houses and bug out locations, so news likes this helps to confirm that some preppers are not just crazy or paranoid. Now, I know some of them out there are crazy as a loon, but you will always have them just like we will always have those strange trailer folk who get interviewed after a tornado.

The thing is, that there have been attempts to do just this that have been foiled. I am wondering when the tactics will change and instead of targeting major cities, they start targeting cities with a population of 100 – 300 thousand. There is less law enforcement there and potentially an easier target. Consider the psychological damage that would be done from such an attack. Headlines would read danger in the heartland and the government unable to protect its people.

If you are unprepared to deal with the possibility of a biological or chemical terrorist attack, you should consider it. We know that terrorist are talking about how to do it and expressing a desire to do it. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking it will never happen.

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