Why Do I Prep?

Since I have started prepping and embracing the prepping lifestyle, media shows like Doomsday Preppers have kind of taken the message of prepping and twisted it to make money.  I do not really blame them as that is what corporate America does, but there is a pure and simple reason that people embrace prepping.

That reason is to take back control of their lives.

Those of us who have started prepping are honestly able to say that we know the world has issues and that no one, including the government, is able to protect me and my family.  Through honest self-examination, we realize that in todays society, we often lack the skill set and knowledge needed to ensure our own survivability if there is a disruption in every day life.  Some might think we are crazy, but even the Federal government agrees with us.

I am not here to tell you that the government is bad or that society is evil.  I am here to help show you the way to take responsibility for your own safety.  A few small changes in the way you live your life might be all that is needed to keep you alive the next time a natural disaster or crisis occurs.


I do make money from the information on this site by promoting ads and products that I feel are beneficial to you.  There is no obligation to use any of the links I have provided, but if you find the information to be of an value to you, I would appreciate your support by purchasing products via the links I provide.


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