5 Easy Tips For Home Defense

home defense

When preparing for home defense, there are several things that you need to consider in your prepping to help ensure your safety.

The first thing is to make you home less of a target than your neighbors.  This might sound rather harsh, but when you are preparing for home defense, you are preparing for the defense of your home and not your neighbors.  To do this, you will need to employ several visual aids.

home defense

Alarm systems are known to deter criminals.  Even if you do not have an alarm system, the illusion of having one will help in deterring your house being selected.  You can buy these at Amazon.

Dogs are another known deterrent to someone breaking into your house.  If you have a dog, that is great.  If you do not have a dog, the criminal does not need to know this.  You can put up beware of dog signs around your house to give the illusion of a dog being present.

You will want to remove any place that a person can hide around your  home.  To do this, clear the bushes away from windows so that no one can sneak into your home under the cover of that bush.  The window should have an alarm sticker on it, but it also needs to be visible from the street so that your neighbors could see the person trying to break in.

Lights are another great deterrent to the home invader.  Motion activated lights should be installed in area around your home where a person could try to get into your house without the entry point being seen from the  street.  You will want these on the sides and in back of the house.  A light next to the garage is also good so that no one can try to sneak inside while you are pulling in.

Sturdy doors provide an excellent home defense deterrent.  I know that glass doors can be pretty and let in lots of light, but they are easily broken which provides easy access to your loved ones as well as your possessions.  You need to have a solid metal or wood door with a keyless deadbolt.  This is good for insurance, but it makes it a lot harder for someone to try and break into your house which makes your neighbors house look more appealing.

Do not advertise that you have a gun.  You do not want someone trying to break into your house during the day to make off with what you have left behind.  If you carry a weapon regularly, do not take it off until you go to bed.  Make sure all other guns are safely locked up and stored so that no one can get to them unless they really need too.


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