.22 Rifle: Beneficial to the Thinking Prepper

Some of my fondest memories of growing up were of the times I spent at Boy Scout camp.  I guess originally, it was as a cub scout, but as I got older I kept going and eventually spent chunks of time instructing the cub scouts that would come every year.  I worked sports areas and rowing.  Archery was always a fun area to work as well.  My favorite time though, was on the rifle range.  We would spend hours up there teaching the kids on the proper rules of how to shoot and learning the basic positions of shooting the little Ruger .22’s. 

I have been thinking about these times and the fun that I had, so it has been shaping some of my recent activities.  I am studying up on how to become a certified NRA instructor.  There is not one in my area but there are many people who have no clue as to how the gun works or how to use it.  That might be good if something happens, as I will have plenty of places to find unused guns and ammo since they will be most likely dead.  I know that is not the most neighborly aspect, but when it is the survival of my family and you are most likely dead or depending on the government to keep you alive since you failed to prep, what is the harm in taking what you left behind.

Besides the instructor route, I am getting ready to start competing in IDPA, which is the International Pistol Defense Association.  These competitions are great ways to hone your skills with your concealed handgun and helps train you to act in a situation without being overwhelmed with anxiety and fears.  You develop the muscle memory needed to take down those who are out to do you harm.  On top of this, I have a desire to get back into rifle competitions.

There are many tactical based competitions, but I miss shooting the .22 rifle.  The NRA has a small bore rifle category which allows you to work on precision shooting with these small rifles.  I am looking at getting a CZ rifle, since bolt action rifles have a tendency to be more accurate during repeated shots than a semiautomatic rifle, but they are not required. 

It is amazing to see what people have done and continue to do with these small caliber weapons.  I have never considered this round to be very potent, compared to the likes of the .223 or .308, but there are groups that actually use these .22 rounds in their sniper groups.  Now I have seen many preppers horde these rifles and plan on using them for defense, but I think they actually serve a better role as being used as a hunting rifle for when times are tough.

People use the .22 round to take out small game such as rabbits and prairie dogs, but they are effective on animals up to the size of a deer.  You need to be a good shot if you want to take out a deer, but the option is available.  The thought behind the need for one of these small rifles is that the ammo is cheap and readily available.  There has not been a massive run on these bullets like you get with the larger calibers used in tactical rifles.  Using these small guns for hunting will allow you to save the ammo you have for your larger rifles which are more effective at providing a defensive layer for you and your group.

When you get a chance, Google the Ruger 10/22, which is a really good semi-automatic rifle.  It usually comes with a 5 or 10 round magazine, but in the aftermarket you can get magazines up to 50 rounds if not more.  There are also kits out there for you to convert your basic rifle into a more tactical look and feel.  In addition, with the right approvals, you can get a silencer for your .22 rifle.

Take a serious look into this old childhood friend and see if it could potentially benefit you in your prepping endeavors.  A good prepper is always evaluating what has been prepared for and what new challenges layout there.

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